Welcome to Associated Billing Services

We take the sting out of the business-side of your practice by painlessly managing the entire medical billing process. And because we do this off-site, we don't interrupt your daily practice operation - it runs smoothly without patient flow changes or front office redirection. This lets you focus on what you do best - taking care of your patients. Let us handle the mountains of paperwork, deal with insurance companies, and follow-up with past due accounts.

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Vast Experience

We specialize in several different billing fields and are able to mold to your specific practice needs. Here are some of our specialties:

Efficient Billing Management

We take care of the time-consuming, nitty-gritty details of medical billing: posting payments, researching accounts, sending claims, and mailing your statements.

We take care of all software costs and require no additional hardware. Access to your account can be supplied remotely, so you may review your billing and schedule appointments 24/7 at your local office!

Our team gets your billing finished in less time, allowing the flow of your income to come in at a fast pace. Custom reporting can even be created to audit and maximize your practice profits!

About Associated Billing

Founded in 1998, our company boasts an impressive line of experienced staff to handle a delicate part of your practice. Our team consists of more than 30 billers and an experienced team of managers to oversee your information.

All of your billing is done locally by in-house staff; none of our services are outsourced and no data goes out of our Florida office!

Our mission statement: To ethically and effectively provide providers and provider offices a wide range of billing services while complying with all federal and state standards. To maintain constant commitment to the highest quality health data submission with accuracy, reliability, timeliness and privacy.